Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Whats up with Africa and its leaders?

The world should know, by now, that there are different definitions of democracy in different continents. Sure, some countries may share the same definitions even though they might be seas and oceans apart. I also vividly remember in 1992 Kenyan elections when democracy meant "picking someone from your own tribe". I am sure you heard what went on with Kenyan elections which eventually spiraled to war between tribes? The same exact thing is happening in Zimbabwe, who knows what that is going to bring. The point is, African old men were given a different dictionary that allows them to rig elections and NEVER want to give up power, despite what the constitutions of their own countries dictate!

Are there some exceptions? Have there ever been peaceful elections in Africa? Yea, of course, but why would the media chose to write "peace" and "Africa" in the same sentence if it is not preceded by "lack of"?

Should anyone care about such stubborn leaders? What is the whole point of having an international elections observers anyway? The international observers reported that Kenyan elections were flawed (duh, 4 year old kids knew that). They have also reported that Zimbabwean elections were flawed (Isnt that obvious? Everyone knew it before the elections even started. And, since when does it take 2+ weeks to release presidential results when parliamentary results were finished within 2 days?). Despite all these "reportings" and "observations" ... NO ONE LISTENS!! Or is it that no one does anything about it?

Its 3am, thats all I got. Thanks to all the adrenaline I am getting from running too much.

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