Monday, May 19, 2008

It sucks to be a foreign national in America!

Like you didnt know that already!!!

Reports are emerging that foreigners who are in detention are roofied before being deported to their home countries! Despicable acts!!! How on earth do you call yourself a nation that respects human rights, preaching it to everyone and yet have such inhumane acts going on in your own back yard? Shame on you America.

The article below is an investigation by The Washinton Post. Enlighten yourself ...

Is it Summer Yet?!?!??

I have a very low tolerance for cold weather and chilly environments. I dislike being cold for many many reasons. I dislike having to wear hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants in my apartment, I dislike having to wear too much clothing on my runs, I dislike having a runny nose, I dislike the way my heat goes only up to 72 degrees ... I can go on and on and on. Sometimes, I wish I could take my school or my lab somewhere warm. But then again, I am not a fan of all warm places.

Take Miami, Florida, for instance. I can only visit such a place for short periods of time. I spent my college years' spring breaks in Coral Cables by University of Miami ... the only interesting thing I remember from that place is all the palm trees. Nothing pleased me as such and I have no desire too go there. I did not even like the famous South Beach ... it was the first place a woman over 50, that wasnt from the Maasai tribe or Turkana tribe topless.

I hear good things about California, though. Plenty of opportunities for people like me, warm weather, all the surfing etc etc. I would love to go to Mammoth Lakes ... or somewhere quiet. I am not a fan of all the action scenes. I just want a quiet place, a place that would feel like home. A place like the Adirondacks up in New York. A place with some authentic unadulterated, serene natural environment. I know there are better places than those, but those are the only places I have heard of or been to that I did like and wanted to camp out for a while.

I hope it gets warm soon, I cant take this 60-degree and below weathers anymore!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A seal rapes a penguin

No, not a Navy Seal but a 100kg (~220lbs) fur seal tried to have sex with a 15kg (~33lbs) king penguin. Absolutely bizarre. For 45 minutes, the seal "alternated between resting on the penguin, and thrusting its pelvis, trying to insert itself, unsuccessfully." Apparently, it seems the seal was young and inexperienced. There is a possibility it had been rejected elsewhere ... so the only option it had was ... a penguin!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lesbians are fighting to keep their name!

People from the third largest Greek island, Lesbos, are suing to stop the homosexual community from using the word "lesbian" to describe their women. I agree with them. Imagine if Kenya metamorphosed and acquired a new definition, such that I wouldnt be able to go anywhere and say "Hey, I am Kenyan" without someone saying "Are you kenyan? or Are you Kenyan." How on earth would I respond to that? But why did it take the Lesbians more than 2, 000 years to respond? They cant say they didnt see it coming.


Say your goodbyes to DRAMs (dynamic random access memory) as HP has reported on unveiling a new piece of technology that may soon replace it. The ability of memristors to hold much more information in a tinier space than DRAMs is good news to those trying to make even smaller computers. The memristor idea was invented in 1971 by Leon Chua, I hope he gets his dues from this.