Monday, May 19, 2008

It sucks to be a foreign national in America!

Like you didnt know that already!!!

Reports are emerging that foreigners who are in detention are roofied before being deported to their home countries! Despicable acts!!! How on earth do you call yourself a nation that respects human rights, preaching it to everyone and yet have such inhumane acts going on in your own back yard? Shame on you America.

The article below is an investigation by The Washinton Post. Enlighten yourself ...

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Thao said...

Ugh, the sad part is when I decided to read the comments and realized that ignorance is everywhere.

On a slightly random note, I chatted with the guys who come into the gym at night to do the janitorial services. The one at my gym, he bikes an hour to work every day and they get paid like the equivalence of $5.50 or so. That's such a hard life. My coworker mentioned how they are probably undocumented and that it is much more than they would make back home.

Still it saddens me that even in America, you would think that people would have the decency and heart to treat others as equal humans.

(sortta my random venting...)