Friday, July 18, 2008


I have many things that I want to write about on this blog but I always dont have time to. Surprisingly, I often finish my days feeling like a waste of space. I never seem to accomplish anything albeit I am always doing something ...

Here are some things that I will post something about, some day:

- Tribes and Tribalism
- Witchcraft
- Science and Graduate School Life
- African-ism
- Places I would like to visit
- Chemistry and Drugs
- e.t.c


THE KRIS said...

after reading the piece that zero put up on the other blog, i'm interested to hear your thoughts on tribalism. that said, as soon as you have time, i'll need to hear all about witchcraft.

kipchirchir said...

the kris, dont worry ... i just need to get my acts together and write something.

Kirui, Philemon said...

I am eagerly waiting to read your new posts, your tittles look good. visit my blog and read some few of mine. at

Anonymous said...
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kipchirchir said...

Phil ... kazi imekuwa mingi bana. I still have an intention of writing something about those ideas at some point. I will check out your blog.

Vaibhav ... I hope all's well and that your issues have been resolved. I will shoot you an email.