Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rotterdam(n) marathon -April 05 2009

Duncan Kibet ... technologically savvy Kenyan runner.
Why do you need two iPhones brother?

Want to see why Kenyan's don't just race to race? Looks like all Kenyan's train with the same attitude? Training, all the time, sick or not ...


Ben said...

the victory in 2:04:27!

pretty awesome!

fbg said...

I didn't know there were cool Kenyans!?!

Does having two iPhones (and a Nokia) and playing video games on them make you cool?

How many iPhones (and a Nokia) do you have, Chirchir?

kipchirchir said...

This guy is $$$. He is my second favorite Kenyan runner already!

And that time? Wow.

FBG, if the definition of coolness involves two iphones, I may never be cool. You, are half way there, arent you?

I have heard that apparently, Kenyans get new-on-the-market gadgets before they are sold anywhere else. I dont need to verify this to know the truth.