Thursday, January 10, 2008

Federal Government Definitions

In light of everything that is going on, I thought I should probably post a Fedectionary. What do they really mean by that?

Wait times (Refers only to F-1 Visa Renewal Application - Thanks to "Joe" for these definitions)

Regular Time - 4-6 weeks
Sort of Expedited - 1-2 weeks
Expedited - Up to a week
Really Expedited - 0-2 days

Refer to Department of Homeland Security ( for the following definitions

Biochemistry, Biology, Synthesis, chemistry, anti-microbials, anti-biotics, therapeautics, drugs, cell biology, molecular biology, among many others fall in the category they define as Chemical, Biological, radiological, or Nuclear (CBRN) materials (see the link above). What do they really mean? Potential Terrotist!

My graduate program at The Johns Hopkins University SOM is Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology (BCMB). My thesis work, in brief terms, involves the SYNTHESIS of a new class of ANTI-BIOTICS (or ANTI-MICROBIALS/THERAPEAUTICS). How many more buzz words do they need?

You cannot really blame anyone for trying to proactively defend their country, can you? If anything, this should give everyone a sense of safety ...

Since we are on definitions, let me define myself because I can!

I am a pessimistic optimist. What do I mean? Here is an example. I am going to the US consulate in about 4hrs from now. I am expecting the best (that I get my visa renewed and go back to Baltimore, MD), but I am also prepared for the worst (that I dont get my visa renewed and have to go back to Kenya). Where is the catch? Why would anyone define going home as "the worst?" Well, when you have some tribal conflict that has killed more than 600 people in a span of two weeks (with more that 250,000 displaced) and you belong to one of the tribes involved, then you really are left with one word to use: worst.

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keeping my fingers crossed that you will be back in b'more soon