Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It Could be Worse ... Really

Before you read this blog, you may want to click on this BBC News link, Cancer patient loses visa battle, and at least scan the story they have running there. I think the abstract of that story summarizes it all "A Ghanaian woman [Ama Sumani] who came to the UK five years ago and became a student is being flown back to the African country, despite being terminally ill." If worse were defined by a spectrum, my situation is definitely in the opposite end to hers. Ama's case is a matter of life and death whereas mine is about self fulfillment, that is, go back to school and finish what I started (or something along those lines). I could not imagine being in a situation like hers.

Not too long ago, I talked to a few friends via Google Chat and mentioned to them how I am running out of clothing to wear (I only brought enough to take me through 3 days + some running clothes), how I am getting a cold and there is no drugstore around and how my teeth hurt (dentists are bad people!). Soon afterwards, another friend sent me the link to Ama's story. My response, after reading the story was "I guess I should stop whining ...." Although I dont think I am whining, this story just put everything into a different perspective. It also helps shed light into how grave the situation can be anywhere else, not just in the US. I wonder how many more similar cases out there go unheard of ...

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