Monday, January 14, 2008

Say you were in my shoes ....

Say you were in my shoes and you know you have these options:

1) Your visa renewal is pending and they expect (not a guarantee) to renew it in which case, you will be able to enter the US without any problems (assuming they dont turn you back at the Port of Entry). In addition to that, you know you have to spend some US $500 (if your visa is renewed) to go to Mexico or more like US $3000 (if your visa is not renewed and you have to go home from there).

2) You are in the US on parole for 14 days. You know that you must go back to Mexico to have your case reviewed as stated in #1 above. Now, you know that if you dont make a show after 14 days, those immigration people will be hunting you down so they can deport your tail back to where it came from. The cost to you is $0 in this case.

The question is would you spend the $3000 or risk it and go for $0? Look on the right side of this page, Vote! Thanks

By the way, for those who are not sure of my location, I am in Baltimore, MD ... temporarily.

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lily said...

This really is crazy... I hope it all works out for you! Things are going well here, you can email me at lilymendelson at gmail and I will add you to my big group email list next time I'm at the computer! I'm glad to hear you're in Baltimore for now, I wouldn't worry about the $$ and just go along with whatever you're supposed to do. I will talk to you soon Kip!