Monday, January 28, 2008

Headed to Mexico, Again!

Last week, I was told that my visa is ready for printing. I made my way here last night from Baltimore. My trip here was uneventful. I decided to stay close to the El Paso International airport because the hotels here are significantly cheaper than those that showed up in my search in Juarez. Who knew?

It is about 7:25am local time and I am getting ready to eat breakfast. I also called up a taxi cab driver that gave me a"tour" of El Paso the last time I was here. His name is Alvaro, and I thought he was really nice. When I called him last night to ask him for a ride to the Zaragoza Bridge, where my passport is (hopefully), he hinted that we could also strike a deal and have him drive me to the US Consulate at Juarez.

My friend Thao Nguyen, a photojournalist, wanted to document my trip there and she is tagging along.

More updates later.


Guinnessrunner said...

Best of luck on your journeys today! I'll check in later to see how it is going.

Maybe Alvaro will drive you back to Baltimore.

Alex said...

Hi Kip,

I want to respond to a comment you made in an earlier post where you said "we all breath the same air". This is inaccurate. It turns out the air in China is much worse:

Best of luck with what is hopefully the end of your adventure. I'm glad I won't have to boycott the US because of your deportation.