Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Here is what you need for your F-1(student) visa renewal

If you are an international student planning on renewing your visa, I suggest you do it at your home country unless you really have to go to Canada or Mexico. I have come to understand why there are so many illegal immigrants in the US. If someone who is here legally goes through such process as the one I am going through, imagine what someone who is here illegally goes through? I don’t even want to imagine. It is impossible.

In any case, when you show up at a US consulate for a student, F-1, visa renewal, make sure that you have the following documents. Present what they asked you to bring along, but keep the rest handy, just in case …

(Consult with your school’s office of international students if you have any questions, I am not a professional in this field and that means you cant hold me responsible for any mishaps)

- All original Form I-20's that you've ever held including an endorsed current Form I-20
- Original Travel and Departure Record Form I-94
- Passport(s) old and new with all visas you've ever held
- Proof of solvency including a letter from the department that is funding you indicating you ability to pay tuition
- Letter from the head of your program indicating your status as a student
- Official transcripts and diplomas from all schools you have attended
- Letter from the registrar of your current school indicating your student status
- A copy of your resume
- Form I-688 (Employment Authorization Document -EAD) - even if it expired
- A list of references (about 4) from the US and your home country
- A short description of your research, if you are doing any. You could alternatively take a letter from your research adviser stating, in technical terms and Leyman's terms
- A copy of tax returns
- Visa application forms
- Your appointment letter (they wont let you in without this)
- Passport size photographs (check out the DHS website for specs.)

I found these webpages, among others, useful:

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