Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Visa Photos

Here are some photos of my visas. I promised I was going to post them.

This is my old F-1 student visa. It expired in 2005, but since I maintained my student status, the expiry date did not matter. You have to renew your visa when you leave the country and need to re-enter. You also need to go out of the country to renew your visa. Some people have been asking me why I couldnt just go to Washington DC and renew it. That is not the case.

In this blog ((Barely) Coming to America ...), I did mention that my visa was "CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE" as you can see in the picture above. I also mentioned that they had the wrong cancellation date of Jan 08, 2007 instead of Jan 08, 2008! That indicated that I had been in the country illegally for one year! It is probably going to give me some problems in the future too.

Here is my new F-1 student visa that the US consulate at Ciudad Juarez issued me. Notice how it says I am from "Baltimote, MD." It sounds like a cool city, but I think I'd rather just be in Baltimore. I hope this doesnt give me problems in the future. Also, notice that it is only valid for two years as opposed to my old visa above which was valid for five years.


fbg said...

Who's "Keny"? and why is his name on your visa?

kipchirchir said...

"Keny"? Now that you say it, there was a guy in my highschool by that name. "Keny" in my tribe means "eons." Maybe they are hinting I am here to stay? How did they know?

jong h said...

Hi I am an international who's going to the US this fall.. in my F-1 visa, the annotation part was like TOTALLY WRONG.. the address of my school was wrong and they included a date which is 20008 (I'm dead by then).. will it matter? thanks

cialis said...

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Salman Khan said...

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